Win! A €250 voucher for Eurocycles Eurobaby!

eurocycles and eurobaby voucher maternity and infant family
With all the fine weather set to continue into the next few weeks, we are dusting off the bikes, trikes and travel systems and are ready to give them a breath of fresh air. .IRPP_kangoo , .IRPP_kangoo .postImageUrl , .IRPP_kangoo .imgUrl , .IRPP_kangoo .centered-text-area { min-height: 100px; position: relative; } .IRPP_kangoo , .IRPP_kangoo:hover , .IRPP_kangoo:visited…

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Most popular baby names for 2018!

top ten baby names for 2018 maternity and infant family
Well we're almost halfway through 2018 (already?!) and it's time to start looking at the most popular baby name trends. To be honest, they're not all that different from what they were this time last year, with only a few curve balls thrown in. Have you had a baby recently? Let us know what name…

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5 things we didn’t know about homeschooling in Ireland

5 things we've learned about homeschooling in Ireland maternity and infant family

To be honest, we didn’t know all that much about homeschooling before now. And we were probably one of the ones who thought the rather stereotypical thoughts of ‘But they’ll have no social skills’, and ‘How will they get into college?’ and so on. But before we cast aspersions or judgement, we’re looking at the…

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All you need to know about tick bites and Lyme disease

What is it? Lyme disease is an unusual illness in that it’s caused by the bacteria spread to humans through tick bites. If caught early, Lyme disease is treated easily by antibiotics, but if left untreated, you could develop mid- or late-stage Lyme disease after several weeks and months. Symptoms can include joint pain and swelling,…

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